Tuesday, March 30, 2010

Do you wanna be a Cupcake Hero?

Cupcakes. I love them like no other.

I found a contest called "Cupcake Hero". Basically there are themes each month; following said theme you create a cuppie and submit it for judgement. Last month was caramel. YUMMY!  This month is "Hello Cupcake" inspiration. I have this book so I'm giving it a shot.


  1. Good luck! If you ever need someone to taste test let me know. I will make a special trip to H-town to taste them. And would a recipe incorporating English toffee constitute caramel? If so I think that you should try and make an English toffee cupcake with a caramelized frosting on top with chunks of toffee sprinkled on top! I think it might be too much toffee and no caramel, but it sounds like something fabulous you would make!

  2. Hmmm... I'm working on something Beau and yes I'll need a tester. :)