Monday, April 19, 2010

Prom 2010

I'm aware more everyday that I'm no longer the mother of many babies. I am now the mother of young adults.

2010 Prom happened on Friday. For months we spent time getting ready. Friday was a whirlwind. Such beautiful kids.

My biggest baby. Her favorite color is orange and there was just something about this dress. When she put it on it made me suck my breath in. She was absolutely breathtaking. There are no words for her friend there. He's quite the character.

This is a little, bitty, 2 seater car. Sofi looks like her air bag went off. Too windy for the top down which was probably a good thing. I just envision Sofi with her dress up around her head...

Greer had a date this year too. They went with friends. Look how grown up she is...

Parker & Aspen - neither had a date or wanted dates.

It was hard when Sofi started going to prom. This is very bittersweet. They turned 16 the day before.

I'm amazed at these kids EVERY single day. They're beautiful, intelligent, head-strong kids. They know their own minds and their own hearts. Can I ask for anything more? I don't think so. That seems greedy to me - knowing some people don't ever get that much.

I'm lucky. Everyday. I'm lucky.

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