Tuesday, April 6, 2010

A few fools and Easter

We were BUSY last week.

I love reasons to cook different things.

Cinco De Mayo, St. Patrick's Day, etc. are good for trying new things.  My kids think I'm weird. I know I never would have eaten half of what they've tried in the last couple of years. We won't tell them that though.

Thursday was April Fool's Day and gave me yet another reason to stretch my culinary talents. (I use those words loosely...)

What is this you ask? (I know my photography skills are lacking. OK - non existant.)

Cupcakes, moldy rolls and soda of course!

Nah. Meat cakes with potato frosting, a little green food coloring and some jello.

Big S wanted to know if they should eat dinner first. YES! She fell for it. We are talking about Big S though. Madame R came in and said, "SODA??". She took a big swig and I watched with glee as her head turned red. HA! After that no one really cared. Just another opportunity for their mother to be stupid.

I had fun though.

Bis S and Madame R dying the eggs.

The better part of the afternoon was spent on this mess.

I'm not a fan of Easter eggs. I actually got out of it a few years.

When the trips were little I made my mom and sister help.

GO P & A! Masterfully done eggs. I couldn't have (and didn't want to) done any better myself!

Can you tell how thrilled these 2 are? The eggs were really pretty though!

Lets move on from the eggs now. I've had about all I can stand...

What's this you ask? This is Madame R upon her return from the town egg hunt. She received some "Seeds of Jesus" is what the package said. So she used them as vampire teeth. We are into (yes at the age of 5) all things vampire. Inappropriate? Completely.

This was my night. I don't know how many I frosted and they looked pretty sloppy by the time I got to 8 o'clock but I think I'm getting better.

And that was my night before Easter.

Yep that's Fatty Cat in the Easter Bucket. I'm not sure what happened to all the Easter toys...

Easter hair.

Thanks to my sister's obsession with QVC we had Easter cheesecake too.

The above photo shall be addressed at a later date.

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