Tuesday, May 31, 2011

Chapters, Endings, Beginnings and Love

I promised.

The day ended up gorgeous.
For 2 weeks we had rain and wind.
This day was just beautiful sun.

Gorgeous aren't they?
From the moment I got up in the morning
It was not lost on me the significance of this day.
The fact that this would be the last time they
Would all enter this building as students of this school.

A little bonus.
I hate to have my picture taken.
I wish this was a little closer...
Gratefully He and I were having the same issues this day.

Greer and Gabe were Jr. Attendants.
Yeah it was a pretty rough day...

I don't know how to explain the amount of pride.
She's turned into so much.
This is the most beautiful photo.
All the promise of the future in that smile...

Then this happened.
It was signed.
Apparently that means I HAVE to let her move on.

Don't even ask.
I went with 2 boxes of Kleenex
And came home with 1/2 a box.
This is where 18 years of life flashed.

It was a pretty emotional day.
I cried. Jeff cried. My sister and my mom and my dad cried.
However, this was the worst. Rubi cried...

And then it was over.
Just like that.
18 years.

Seriously that is how it felt.
Like I went to bed and she was a baby.
Like I woke up THIS morning and she was graduating.
WTH happened?

This girl is phenomenal.
This girl is beautiful.
This girl is kind.
Somehow God allowed this girl to be mine.

I can't accurately convey my feelings.
I cry every time I make the attempt.
I can't quite get there when I write it.

I'm leaving you with family photos.

My sister Mickie and my Mom

Mom & Dad

Mickie and Chris

This is love.
There is no other way to say it.
The day was beautiful.
She was beautiful.

Through all of this I learned,
I've raised good kids.
They have a tremendous dad.
And they are completely and solidly loved.

On to next year.
X's 3...

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