Monday, June 20, 2011

Pure of Heart

A few years ago I was informed by a SIL that I was talking about 1 particular child too much.
(Can you talk about your kids too much?)
So I don't talk to her anymore.
A. It was incredibly hurtful and
2. I wasn't even talking about Rubi.

Isn't this the best picture ever?
It shows all the ornery.
It shows all the innocence.
It shows the extreme lengths she went to on Graduation to have just 1 more grape soda.

This one is incredibly silly.
She's also incredibly kind.
This one has no one to compete with.
She gets all the attention all the time.

This one just loves.
She has no prejudice.
She doesn't care who you are
or where you're from.

She's excited about everything.
She doesn't care if your clothes are up to date.
She doesn't care if your hair is combed.
She doesn't care who your parents are or where you live.

She just likes you.
She's hurt when she detects that people don't like her.
You tend to get all of her when you meet her.
She's not shy and she doesn't hold back.

At what age do kids lose that?
When do they discover brands and labels?
When do they figure out that the parents are the kid?

I hope this one stays this way.
She's unconditional.
I love that about her.

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