Thursday, September 30, 2010

The Swan

I think I'll talk about my kids today.
I know that's rare.
But I feel as though I have to.
I must be specific.

This is how she started.
I now am grateful that I had NO idea how sick she was.
See that. I was 21. Stupid. Naive. Rose colored glasses 21...

This was how Greer and Aspen spent much of the early months.
I was not the type to stay home.
I would switch them into 1 carseat at my destination.
I only had 2 arms.
I still only have 2 arms.

We call her Appy.
It was easier for the 1 2yr old to say.
This one was quick.
This one was openly ornery.
She walked 1st.
Surprised? We weren't.
She climbed first too.

See that look.
It was that look that we knew we were in trouble.
Trust me it's not the look of innocence.

This is my favorite picture.
Aspen hates it.
It was the beginning of the awkward phase.

She had stringy hair.
She had glasses.
She had braces.
She was REALLY skinny.

She didn't have the confidence the other one had.
She didn't make friends as easily.
She was unsure of herself.
She didn't get involved the way the other one did.

She had some rough years.
She stood in the shadows.
Her personality was pretty intense.
She was tough to swallow sometimes.

She liked to be right and
needed to be first.
She had lots to grow out of.
She had lots to grow into.

She learned to not need to be first.
She started not needing to be right.
She started to get involved.
She started to find herself.

And then it happened...
She became my swan.

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