Thursday, September 16, 2010

Life's a Kick

Soccer started here this week.
Rubi finally gets to participate in an organized sport with a real team.
Just like everyone else has done her WHOLE life.
This kid attended her first basketball game at 1 week old.
I scheduled her induction around Sofi's basketball schedule.
Yes I did.

Pink socks you ask?
Yes I say?
Why you ask?
Have you ever watched a kindergarten soccer game I say?

All you see is legs and heads.
It's one gigantic ball of bodies with a soccer ball somewhere in the middle.
Pink legs will stick out.
I guarantee NO ONE else has pink legs.

She appears pretty tough and ready to go huh?

No they are not all smitten with Rubi.
Coach Matt is kneeling in the middle.
Brave soul...

Oh My God!
She is gonna be a

Oh! My! God!
Look at that form!

This is where things went horribly awry.
I believe that someone told her to:
"Bring it on home!"
Which meant:
Wait a minute - why are we now playing baseball?

Here she is rounding in to home.
Notice how many other children are sitting?
How did we get to baseball?

And she's off.
Back on track.
Check out the pink socks.

Which one is Rubi?
Pink socks.

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