Monday, May 20, 2013

Why Can't They Stay Little?

Somehow at Christmas Sofi became old enough to get engaged.  The ring is gorgeous. The boy is a really good man. The Mom? She's becoming a bit of a mess... I know you're all shocked by that. I see so clearly the days she was a baby; things she did when she became a big sister. I remember when she was barely a year old and my sister taught her how to lick her plate. Now she's on the brink of turning 21 and she's engaged. Most days I'm ecstatic for her. Some days I am sad for me.

She's older than I was in this picture. I was such a baby still. What the hell were Jeff and I thinking?
We were so sure she was a boy. I mean Jeff prayed to the Carp God and all... Then we ended up with this tiny little baby girl and our lives changed, for the better, forever.

We've been shopping for dresses and found the one. It's gorgeous and it's Sofi and part of me hates to see her in it. I mean she's my biggest baby and she can't possibly be old enough for this can she?

We were just buying prom dresses for Pete's sake! (Does anyone know who Pete is?) She always chose the most amazing dresses and the wedding dress is no exception. I knew it the minute she put it on that it was the one. She looked more like herself than ever in it.
She's chosen an incredible group of girls to stand with her and help her celebrate the day.  Hopefully the bridesmaid dresses will allow Courtney to be able to do the Cha Cha Slide without problem. Trying on those dresses we discovered that the Cha Cha Slide was of great importance.  I love this girl.
She's been an incredible "leader of the pack". There isn't anything that she hasn't done for her siblings. She'd go to the mat for them every single time. Family is first for this girl and is only one of the zillion things I love about Sofi.
This is Sofi's penguin. He's pretty awesome. She's chosen well. They are a good match with equal amounts of crazy. We've known his parents for as long as we can remember and Aaron about as long. He's good people and Newton will be a good last name.
Next August will come too soon. She can't possibly be old enough...

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