Monday, April 11, 2011

What's Your Top 5?

Believe it or not I am not going to talk about my kids this time. It's too difficult right now. Everyone's fine, it's just the Biggest Baby is graduating and I'm struggling to deal with it.

I thought today I would tell you about my top 5 movies. You know those movies that it doesn't matter what point it is when you turn it on you watch it anyway? Those movies...

5. The Hangover - This was probably the first REAL date that Jeff and I had had in MONTHS and we saw this simply because there was nothing else to see. I haven't laughed that hard in a very long time. My older kids have seen this and quote it any chance they get. Jeff laughs so hard he suffers coughing fits. It's just plain, old, silly, fun. You can never have too much of that. We're waiting patiently for the sequel.

4. The People Vs. Larry Flynt - Weird you think? Yes - but I'm a junkie for anything historical and like it or not this definately fits the bill. Larry Flynt paved the way for MANY people to use Freedom of Speech for various reasons - good or bad. I am also mesmerized by Courtney Love in this film. I wish she could get herself together. I think she has the talent to do this again. Althea's death and their life together was a true Shakespearean tragedy.

3. New Jack City - I watch this EVERY time it's on. I found out a few years ago that this movie gets it's basis in a few true life, inner city happenings. I think anyone who's lives are affected by drugs - directly or indirectly - should watch this. It's a tragic story about how drugs take hold of even those that "know better". For those of us affected I think there is always the desire to know the history, where it came from and why it stays? Why are some lives destroyed and others survive? Wesley Snipes and Ice T? Fabulous. Chris Rock? Genious.

2. Boogie Nights - I'm a fan of the underdog. And Mark Wahlberg. Dirk Diggler? He earned the Oscar nomination. I can't really explain my fascination with this movie. All I know is that for DAYS I'm singing Roller Girl's theme song and that I even downloaded it onto my Ipod. If ever there was an underdog it was Dirk Diggler.

1. The Color Purple - I. Love. This. Movie. Here's another underdog. Here's some incredible acting. Whoopie Goldberg NOT winning the Oscar this year? That doesn't make sense. I loved Oprah before she was Oprah. Danny Glover played lost and sad amazingly. Margaret Avery as Shug? Tina Turner wouldn't have made sense. The rich history that African Americans have is incredible. I am moved by it. I finally read the book last summer and I thank Alice Walker for giving us Celie.

There are so many movies that I love but for me, these are my classics. What are yours?

The weather is getting nice here and my tulips are about a week from blooming. I'm not a green thumb so this excites me to no end. For those wondering about the kitchen addition we stopped for awhile to get through Christmas and birthdays and prom and graduation, hopefully we'll get back at it soon. Thanks for asking. I've still won NOTHING from the Pioneer Woman and my hopes of spending time on my Bestie Rae Ray's show seems to have ended. So I continue to bake for myself with my little hand mixers. I'm grateful for my friends Debbie and Maggie who are willing to deal with my neurosis and cart me around and listen to me whine about this graduation. Friends like them are few and far between and I'm so appreciative of everything they do for my and my kids.

Happy spring everyone!

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