Monday, February 28, 2011


Believe it or not
I heard from the Rachael Ray Show!
I kid you NOT!

Whether I was captivating enough
to warrant a visit to the show
remains to be seen.

It did jump start me to
experiment a tiny bit.
I made more cupcakes.
They didn't go quite as I planned.

I started here.
Chocolate and peanut butter.
I started with a recipe off of 52cupcakes.
I used the Reese's hearts at the bottom of the liners.

I think they were a bit too small.
I would use mini cupcakes next time or
WHOLE regular peanut butter cups.

This is what I ended up with.
I ordered a bag of BABY peanut butter cups 
I also did a peanut butter buttercream.
The cake was awesome.
The hearts were too small and thus overdone.
The frosting was to die for!

Probably my most inventive to date.
And my least successful...

Yep those are Froot Loops you see in that batter!
My kids said, "WHY would you put Loops in a cupcake?"
I said, "Why not? The box was sitting there."

I started with this:

Now before you get your dander up.
I have MANY recipes that are not mix based.
However, when I see interesting flavors I buy them.
Mixes are good for gooey butter cakes and some cookies.

I doctored things up a bit,
Threw in 2 handfuls of Froot Loops,
Used orange juice...

I added orange buttercream.
I added crushed Froot Loops.
The cake was one of the best I've had.
The Froot Loops shrunk up and became tough and gummy.
I would NOT add Froot Loops to the batter again.
I think I can figure out how to make it work though.

The frosting was orange too.
Orange buttercream is dreamy.
I WILL make this again just the same way!

So Rachael whether you call me back or not
I'm gonna keep on experimenting.
There is so many interesting things you can throw
in a cake.

Thanks for thinking of me Rachael and pushing me
to keep baking. (Even though you're not a baker.)
Rubi has told everyone she's going to the Rachael Ray Show.
I love that girl...

And Rachael if you are listening...
I would LOVE to have a bright yellow KitchenAid Stand mixer...

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