Monday, February 14, 2011

Heart Of My Sadness

I'm sure that those that read this are aware that I have a child graduating high school this year.
I've been struggling to figure out where 18 years of my life have gone.
I've been struggling to figure out where 18 years of HER life have gone.

Friday was tough.
Friday was Sofi's last parent's night.
Friday was Sofi's last home basketball game.
I'm selfish and want them to win BADLY tomorrow night.
I do not want it to be over...

She started
It was awesome.
The tears already stung...

The last beginning.
What a great bunch of girls this year.

Never afraid to be aggressive on the court.
It always amazed me.
Her basketball self was the opposite of her home self.

The end is coming.
Can you feel it?
I could.
This whole time...

She had one last, beautiful 3 pointer.
I never knew how she did it.
I never cared.
She made me love basketball.
She makes me sad her court time is almost over.

I've loved everything this girl has done.
I've loved every minute of every bleacher I've sat on.
Why when I was young and in high school did the days drag on?
Why now that I'm a mom can I not slow them down?

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