Monday, August 23, 2010

The 1st Week of School for the Last Baby

Rubi started school this week.

Like real school.

Like Kindergarten.

She thinks I'm weird.

She believes that I go overboard.

She told me she could get inside to her room by herself.

I insisted.

She insisted.

She told me to kiss her and go.

But this is my baby you see and I walked her all the way to her room.

ALL the way into the room.

See the teacher?

She was MY Kindergarten teacher. :)

ALL my babies.

In the first week of school we discovered:

1. The hunt for the Gingerbread Man got a little dicey at times.
2. P.E. is boring enough that you MUST tell the teacher.
3. The 1st day the Kindergarten got fed "old, dried up pieces of chicken" for lunch.
4. We know everyone and everyone knows us.

I'm sad.
I'm glad.
She's ready.
I'm ready.

I think...

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