Friday, November 15, 2013

The Pieces of My Soul

When I started this blog it was to cope with Sofi graduating high school. I needed to work out how to let go and chose words to do it. My postings have been fewer and fewer as the months go by. I've recently been reminded of why I started this blog, my love for my kids. I was 20 when I had Sofi and 21 when I had the triplets so we've all kind of grown up together. I realize more every day the lengths I would go to for these kids. I realize that when it comes to my kids I am ALWAYS ready for war.

I think in the last year that my older 3 girls and I have grown closer and maybe developed a better understanding of each other. I love the site Pinterest and admit to being a bit of a junkie. Today I creeped on my daughters Pinterest accounts and was intrigued by some of my findings.

Sofi has become this incredibly strong-willed woman. Her Pins include recipes to future kids and everything in between. I'm sharing some of the ones that I think make Sofi, Sofi.

I love this first one. Sofi is the BEST big sister. She's been Rubi's 2nd mom and has been supportive of EVERYTHING that Sadi and Rubi have done not to mention Aspen and Greer.

 All the girls Pinned sister related quotes and interestingly enough they were all different. I've watched my girls join together or travel in a pack I like to say. I'd be careful because if something is worth defending these girls will do all of this and then some!

 Sofi's board Paradise is her travel wishes. All the girls have a board about this same thing but they all referred to them differently. Sofi Pinned Lake Louise, Canada. I'm not surprised she Pinned both the water and the mountains in the same picture. Sofi is happy anywhere outside.

Sofi has a weird obsession with Pocahantas and I Pinned this on my board entitled Sofi. It was never one of my favorite Disney movies and why it's Sofi's is anyone's guess.

Sofi is finishing school to teach preschool. I've been working at the daycare with her for a few weeks now, and while I might be biased I truly see her at her absolute best when she's with the kids. They love her and she adores all of them.

 Sofi is pretty incredible. She is sometimes not very confident in her sparkle. It's pretty bright though and hard to miss even if she can't always see it.

Aspen, so crazily unsure of herself, I'm baffled by it. I can feel the sadness in her soul, probably because it's also in mine. She is beautiful and so smart. One day she will change the world because changing mine just seems like it isn't enough.

Aspen doesn't Pin much but from her boards it's clear she's a planner and appreciates order over chaos, maybe because the house she grew up in was the opposite.

I don't know if every parent feels like a complete failure but I've had many instances where I've known I could do better. I've prayed that they didn't hate me and that I had a better relationship with my kids than I had with my parents.  Then I find this and I know that I must have had times when I wasn't such a bad mom, times when I did something right, when I know that in a small way they get me.

This sister quote is interesting, I think, because she's 1/3 of a whole and shared a room with a sister most of her life. It's this quote that tells me that on the rare occaisions there were slamming doors and harsh words that she knows what she has in her sisters.

 Aspen is my old soul. She is years older than her age. She appreciates the quiet and simple. She is this girl.

 I'm so proud of my kids ability to see past hate and ugly to be able to see the person. My kids care NOTHING about race, religion or sexual orientation. This, I consider to be a huge parenting accomplishment.

 Aspen's travel board is her Bucket list and ranged from visiting a trampoline bridge in Paris to something as simple as jumping in a pool fully clothed. I hope I'm there to see this one because when Aspen is excited about something few lights in this world shine brighter.

 Clearly by Pinning Louboutins it proves she is my child...

 Ahhh....yes I have passed on my crazy to her... I'm so sorry A. I hope you are better at learning to let go and take a leap or two than I am.

Oh Greer... where do I even start. She is my mini me. While I hate to admit it sometimes, she is pretty awesome. I love her fun and zest for life and am envious at how sure of herself she ALWAYS seems.
Even Greer knows what's really important and that she's a sister first. I do have to say that few could rock a tiara quite like Greer could though. She really should go find that one specific Ginger Prince.

I love Greer's Style board. It is ME from high school and I had a closet to be envied back then. I had every color of Converse hightops and high-wasted jeans/shorts and cropped shirts and jackets were a staple. She secretly wants to be me but don't tell her because she hasn't figured it out yet. ;)

 I'm pretty sure Greer's pen is only held by her. You can't make up the stuff that happens to her. She's got an adventurous spark that I hope never goes out. Keep writing Greer, your story is only beginning.

 Greer doesn't think about Paradise or have a  Bucket list, her board is titled Some Day. I'm certain it's because she knows one way or another she'll get there. Greece is on her agenda for spring semester of 2015. I so hope she stays the course.

 Greer has a SHOE board?!? Yep, she's mine... also pinning Louboutins... Is there a shoe gene? If there is three out of my five girls have it.

 Oh G...I sure hope you are always someone's shot of tequila. Keep that fire 'cause you're gonna need it. Tea is totally overrated by the way.

My kids love 80's movies and music thanks to Jeff and I. Greer's one time, out grown motto was YOLO, so for her love of Ferris and YOLO I Pinned this for her. I'd have to say she's our family's Ferris.

I hope my girls always listen for the whispers and watch for the glances and realize that it was these things between their dad and me that led to their existence. I've often told my girls that if the person they're with doesn't treat them the way their dad treats me then that person isn't worth their time. Sofi's found him so the other's can too. He's out there but you have to be listening for the whisper and not the scream.

I am so proud that these are the kind of girls that Jeff and I have raised. They have goals and dreams. They are kind and intelligent. Their spark is pretty incredible. I'm sad for those that don't get to witness it. When they are all together I just sit back and smile. They've become incredible women and are each their own person. They are very much the same and yet very, very different. They are large pieces of this incredibly intricate family puzzle that Jeff and I created. I can't wait to see what their next chapters bring, whatever they are I'm positive that they will be spectacular!


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