Thursday, September 20, 2012

Time Marches On...

It's been a long time since I've written.
I've spent weeks trying to find the words
to explain graduation for the Triplets.

I am not sure there are words appropriate
to describe the feeling of pride I have
when I see this picture.

Graduation day was gorgeous.
We lucked out 2 years in a row
and had beautiful weather.
Our most favorite family members
managed to find their way here
to celebrate with us.

I'm shocked that 18 yrs have FLOWN.
I think most that came for graduation
felt the same way.

I watched them walk the aisle to take
their seats and all the crying that I
hadn't done, I did in this hour long ceremony.
The 1st tear fell with the first note of Pomp & Circumstance.

We were all pretty emotional with the
recognition of Cords & Collars.
If you had told me their Freshman year
that they would all eventually be on
National Honor Society and have a B
average or better when they graduated I
would have laughed. Hysterically, I might add.

To hear Olsen, Olsen, Olsen announced was
pretty special. To see them all walk the stage.
To see the diplomas were signed...
Relief was a feeling Jeff & I felt many times that day.

Once again I must say that Jeff & I did not
do this on our own. There are many that
we cannot thank enough for what they
have done for these kids.

First and foremost, their Grandparents.
Three pretty incredible people. They
supported, encouraged and loved these
3 kids, and us.

Someone so special surprised us,
Barb Schroeder. She is an Early
Childhood Services Coordinator and
the first person we met on our very long journey
with Parker. We managed to have some pretty
incredible ladies that helped get this boy to
this point. Parker was her 1st ECSC kid to
graduate and we couldn't have been more thrilled
to see her.

I cannot EVER repay what my sister Mickie
and her husband Chris have done for my kids.
These are 2 very special people and I love them.

And we cannot forget the most
amazing babysitter EVER.
Frannie is the person that managed to
help me stay sane. She started sitting
for these kids when they were 2. Most of
the time it seemed she was much better
at it than I was. She had WAY more control
that's for sure! We love you Frannie!

I have a pretty incredible family.
This day ABSOLUTELY would not have
happened without each and everyone of them.

My crazy babies...

It is now September and they have moved on.
ALL are in college and seem to be doing well.
Aspen is blazing her own trail on her own by
going to college where the other 2 are not.
Greer has been very social and is loving college
life. Parker is settling in. His schedule is pretty
light this 1st semester and he seems to like it
that way.

Our house is very quiet now. I jokingly
refer to us as The House With Half A Family.
Some days it's just too quiet...
Jeff and I now get to figure each other out
again after 20 years. We've been so wrapped up
in kids that time for us just hasn't happened much.
It's very different having just 2 kids at home.
We've never had just 2 kids.

So it feels like a period of rediscovery,
of new beginnings and good things ahead.
I'm lucky, I still see another 20 years with
the same man. I see lots of grandkids in
the years to come. I look forward to seeing
the 4 graduate from college and to Sadi and Rubi
graduating high school.

To everyone that shared the day with us,
please know how special it was for us to
have you here. These kids are the people
they are because of the people in their lives.

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