Thursday, January 5, 2012

May Your Memories Be Yellow

It's been a long time.
I hadn't realized how long until I was asked if
I was still blogging.
I wasn't sure anyone ever read this.

November is a hard month.
My Grandma died 3 yrs ago.
She was my yellow Grandma.
I don't mean yellow as in cowardly or jaundice.
I mean yellow as in her favorite color.

This was my Grandma's house.
When I was little it was red.
The hallway upstairs was REALLY wide.
The bed I slept in when we stayed here had a "roof on it".
Great fun for a little girl.

Gratefully it's still in the family and still yellow.
The day it becomes something else will break my heart.
This house was made to be yellow.

Now this is not my Grandma's actual kitchen but the cabinets are right.
The kitchen was bright yellow for years.
When they left they went to live with my Hollyhock aunt.
She's now living with Grandma.
I'm pretty sure there is Chicken Tuesday in Heaven.

My Grandma had a little yellow Ford Pinto like this.
I loved this little car.
Bucket seats, hatchback... VERY cool for a Grandma.
She almost killed my sister and me in this car once. :)
We camped at White Crane with her every summer.
On the way back from town we'd stop at the damn to check the gates.
OH how she would have been fascinated by the water pouring from them this summer!
Anyway... She pulled in and forgot to put it in park. I flew from the back seat
when the car hit the pylon.
It was funny then. It's funnier now...

Funny how the first flowers a child brings you is yellow... 

I sent yellow roses during Caring Rose week for years.
Just because...

Yellow is spring...

My maternal Grandma had a chair like this.
It seemed to be a fight in her little bitty kitchen which of us
would sit on that chair.
I got a yellow one.
And then I made her match Daisy...

When I was able to order my mixer there
was no doubt I'd have yellow.

Thanks to my sister I have a new obsession.
Temp-Tations stoneware.
While my kitchen won't be yellow.
I have no doubt because of my memories of Grandma's yellow kitchen
you'll see a great deal of yellow in it.

November is a difficult month.
I had a horribly fractured family and hung on these memories
for all they were worth.
I hope in death my family is finding the peace and love
they didn't always have in life.

I'm pretty sure Grandma's heaven includes a yellow house...
with a yellow kitchen...
where she wears yellow clothes...
and crazy, sparkly socks,
and drives a little, yellow Pinto
to Chicken Tuesday's with HollyHock Aunt.

Thank you for my yellow memories...


  1. She will also be playing bridge with my mom and a few others. Of course she will be using her yellow tally cards, yellow napkins, yellow plates and yellow playing cards. The tables will have yellow flower centerpieces and Rhea will be greeting everyone in her yellow outfit with yellow earrings and yellow necklace. I will always remember her fascination with the color yellow.

  2. Thank you Lee! Bowling on Tuesdays and Bridge on Wednesday. I'm glad that people understand my "yellow" memories and have some of their own. :)