Monday, November 1, 2010

Halloween 2010

I have to admit I hate Halloween.
I didn't like it when I was a kid.
I don't like it now that I have kids.
However, it's better now that I have big kids
to be with the little kids. :)

Last weekend was pumpkins.
It was cold.
I hated it.
We get the carving kits and the kids
always choose designs that are outside
their realm of carving abilities.

I hate the guts.
I don't save the seeds to eat.
I hate the mess.

Let the games begin.

Yes there are extras.
Sofi's friend Aaron.
A&G's friend Whitney.

Impressive line up huh?

Thank God we had some muscle!

Try as Aaron might he could not convince
Madame R that touching the guts was
something she SHOULD do.

Yes they are as smart as they look.
It's ok they didn't get real knives.

Still not liking the guts...

So Greer rescued the Damsel in Distress.
Does it look like Rubi's hand?

These 2 were done first.
They were a little less ambitious with their design.

These 2 were next.
I know it's difficult to read Rubi's expression.

Sofi was sick of it by this point.
Her expression is also difficult to read...
*eye roll*

Not to be out done
and not particularly photogenic...
Also *eye roll*

This was the coolest.

The Quiet One.
Loves skull & crossbone stuff.

Parker gave up shortly after this shot so
there is no final picture.
Par for the course...

Happy Halloween!

This is why I LIKE Halloween. :)
I love the food!

Last year's Feet of Meat. :)

And of course, Arac-cake-phobia.

This year was less eventful but still oodles of fun.

We had BBQ Worm sandwiches,
Greasy, green, grimy gopher guts,
And Blood and Brains Salad.

And who could forget a refreshing glass of
Slug Soda.
You can't see it but there are gummy slugs in the
bottom of the drink.


Happy Halloween guys!

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